Data Input Forms - Triggered Mailings

When your subscribers complete a Data Input Form, you'll often want to send a mailing to those subscribers right away (typically a confirmation or "thank you" message). This is known as sending a triggered mailing from a Data Input Form.

Let's look at how to set up a triggered mailing.


Create a Mailing

To set up a triggered mailing, you'll need to create a new mailing for this purpose. Once you've created your mailing, apply the target group in the Set-Up tab. You'll use the Subscribers who Subscribed via Subscription Form target group.

Click Update to save your changes.

Set the Triggered Action

Navigate to the Send tab in the Mailing Designer.

Click Schedule Mailing,

The Set Date and Time to Send window opens. Select the Triggered radio button under the Scheduled heading.

Select the timeframe to wait after someone subscribes. Enter a number and select from minuteshoursdays, or weeks.

Click Yes to schedule the mailing as a triggered mailing.

Assign the Triggered Mailing to the Subscription Form

Navigate to Subscribers > Forms > Data Input Forms.

Choose a Data Input Form and click Modify.

On the Modify page, scroll down to the Confirmation Mailing section. Click the dropdown list and select the triggered mailing.

Additionally, select one of the following Send Options:

  • Send only to brand-new subscribers
  • Send to subscribers the first time they fill out the form
  • Send always

Click Update to associate the triggered mailing and the send options.

One Small Step/One Giant Leap

Sending a triggered mailing after subscribers complete a Data Input Form is like extending a warm welcome to your organization's communications. By letting your subscribers know that you are invested in their interest, you've taken the your first steps toward continued engagement, which is something that can provide "giant leaps" in return.