Data Input Forms Overview

Every Informz account comes with a default data input form (subscription form). This form can be embedded on your organization's website, linked to in a mailing, or shared via social media to allow your audience to subscribe to your organization's mailings. Once subscribed, the email address is placed in a predetermined target group within Informz that can later be applied to a mailing.

Data Input Forms are found by navigating to Subscribers > Forms > Data Input Forms.

An account can have multiple data input forms. New forms can be easily created by copying existing forms or by creating new ones from scratch.

Components of the Data Input Form

Below is an image of the options for Data Input Forms. The following subsections describe the different available functions for each column.


Form branding is created and applied to your subscription form. It determines the look and feel of the form and can include custom HTML, colors, or logos. Form Branding can be found by navigating to Subscribers > Forms > Form Branding.

Every Informz account comes with a customized default form branding. However, an account can have multiple form branding options. There are some sections of the form branding that can only be accessed by your Advisor, such as header colors, font, font size, and some of the default language that appears on the form. If there are elements or updates you'd like to see to your form branding, please reach out to your Advisor to see if those edits are possible.


The Modify option is where the data input form properties are set.

Click the dropdown list to select your form branding. Click the checkbox(es) to then select a mailing delivery format.

Assign the alignment of the text and the location of the *Required asterisk:

Select the Interest Options. If applicable, subscribers can be automatically subscribed to an Informz Interest just by filling out the form. The Auto-Subscribe option is useful for general subscriptions forms. Subscribers can also be required to select at least one Informz Interest (if you allow more than one Informz Interest to be selected).

Email notifications can be set to email someone when the following actions occur:

Confirmation mailings can be set to publish upon submitting a form. Additional steps are required to implement these mailings (see related articles for more details).

Profile Info

Profile Info is the information that will be captured from subscribers (for example: first name, last name, company, etc.). Email address will automatically be added to the form as the first field. Personal information, demographics, or statement fields can be added to the form, as well as a list of Interests or Opt-Outs.


Once the data input form is created, it can be hosted on a website.

Click Host.

Enter a return URL (where a subscriber will be taken once the form is completed).

Click Create HTML. This will generate the HTML code needed to host the form internally on an organization/association website.

When you generate the HTML code for your Data Input Form, you can use the code to host it on your website.

Always make sure to test that your hosted form works correctly. You can test this by using the form to opt into an interest via your website, and then accessing the associated interest target group in Informz. You should see the opt-in email address that you entered as part of that group.


This is a way to preview what the form will look like for subscribers, combining the form branding and properties of the data input form.


Use Copy to make additional copies of existing data input forms.


Use Delete to remove data input forms that are no longer in use.

URLs for Website

Informz automatically generates two URLs for each data input form.

  • Input Form: Use as a hyperlink to collect subscriber data.
  • Modify/Unsubscribe Form: Use to give subscribers the option to modify their record, update information, or to unsubscribe.

Go Forth!

Now that you know about the components of a data input form, go forth and try it out!