HTML Tag File Path

Whenever you are working in the editor, you see the HTML path along the bottom of the editor window. The content listed in that path depends on what you have within your story. At first, it may seem like you are looking at a foreign language. However, once you become comfortable with using it, you'll find that it is extremely useful. 

What Can You Do?

The HTML navigator path has a lot of different uses. You use it to:

  • Modify the color of hyperlinked text, including changing the color of or removing the underline in the hyperlink.
  • Apply a border around an entire table.
  • Apply styles (like a border, background color, alignment, etc.) to a cell instead of just a section of text.
  • Change the color and style of your bullet point.

So...What's Next?

Making use of this path allows you to apply styles to your content more accurately. Check out the related articles section to find step by step instructions on each topic mentioned above.