Use the CSS Button

The CSS Button is a wonderful tool in the Informz editor. The best thing you can do as an Informz user is get comfortable navigating through the different tabs. Below you will find an explanation for what each tab does.

CSS Tabs

The Text & Color tab is used to define the look of the content

The Block tab is used to format the alignment and the spacing of text

The Box tab is used to format a block of content, such as paragraphs or tables.

The Border tab is used when borders are required on any four sides of an HTML element, such as a table cell.

The List tab can be used to define the placement of the bullet or the type of bullet.

Phew, that is a lot!

The CSS Button can be a bit overwhelming with all of its different capabilities. Using the CSS button is the most efficient way to work within the editor. If you would like to learn more about each function, as well as see it in action, check out the related articles section!