Creating Targeted Subject Lines

When you tailor your mailings to your audience, you increase the odds that your subscribers will open them. Because the subject line is the first thing that your subscribers see, a targeted subject line can positively impact your open rate. Targeted subject lines are also a way to send an alternative subject line to a small, more defined subset of your audience.

In this example, we'll target a smaller subset of an organization by using a compound target group that looks at two different fields: company name (personal info) and gender (demographic).

Please not that this article shows you the step-by-step instructions for creating a targeted subject line in Informz. For more information about subject line best practices, click here!


Navigate to Mailings > Create > Mailing > Set- Up tab.

Scroll to the Envelope section.

Click Edit next to Subject.

Enter a Default Subject.

Check the box for Targeted Subjects.

Enter another subject line. This will only go to your specified subscribers.

Click Edit next to Target.

Select the target group you want to receive this subject line. In this example, the mailing goes to all ABC employees, but anyone that is a female ABC employee is going to receive the alternate subject line: "Hey Ladies, here is your March News!" Everyone else receives the subject "March News!" Note that the target group that you select to use the targeted subject line must exist within the larger group as well (it must be a subset of the larger target group).

Click Update.

Next Stop: Testing!

Before you send your mailing, use the targeted subject line test. Check out the related articles to learn more!