Create an Advertisement Image with "Mail To"

Instead of redirecting to a URL after an advertisement is clicked, you may want to allow an email to be sent. This involves first uploading the image to the Informz Asset Manager, copying the path to that image, and then creating an HTML type of advertisement to use with your mailings.


Part One

The first step is to upload your advertisement image into Informz. Because you will need the path to the image, it's best to do it using the approach below. You shouldn't save the mailing after doing this since this is just an intermediary step to accessing an image.

Navigate to Mailings > View to edit any existing mailing.

Go to the Design tab.

Edit or create a story.

Click Insert/Edit Image from the toolbar.

Click on the yellow folder to the right of the Image URL field.

If the advertisement image was previously uploaded, select it and click Insert.

If the advertisement image is new, click Upload, Add files, select the file, click Open, click Upload and then Close. Click the Insert button on the Asset Manager dialogue box.

Copy all of the image path information in the Image URL field.

Part Two

The second step is to create an HTML advertisement that references the copied URL image address.

Navigate to Mailings > Options > Advertisements.

Click Create.

Name the ad and select HTML for the ad type.

Use the HTML below but replace the "INSERT SOURCE CODE" with the path to the image that you've previously copied and replace the "INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS" with the email address you'd like to use

<p><a href=mailto:INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS><img src=”INSERT SOURCE CODE” width=”IMAGE WIDTH” height=”IMAGE HEIGHT” border=”0”></a></p>

Provide a text version.

Click Save.

When this advertisement is clicked, the subscriber has the ability to send an email to someone at your organization.