Create a Test Group

Creating a test group can you save you time in the long run and can keep everyone on the same page. You have the option in the testing tab to send it to that group instead of having to enter in each individual email address every time. You can create a test group for certain types of mailings, or an executive test group - the possibilities are endless! And, the best part is that you won't ever hear "Well, I never got a copy of the mailing that was sent!" again (whew - those are always awkward moments).


Navigate to Subscribers > Test Groups.

Click Add Test Group.

Name the test group.

Add the email addresses of who you want to be included in this test group.

Check the box for All Published Mailings if you would like everyone in this group to receive all mailings published from this account.

Check the box for Deliverability Testing if you would like everyone in this group to be used for Informz Deliverability Tests.

Click Save.

Important Notes About Test Groups

  • Test groups don't receive voting, invoicing, or event confirmation messages.
  • Only one test group can be used with a mailing.
  • A maximum of 100 emails can be added to any test group.
  • Test groups can be modified or deleted at any time.

Test Groups Keep Colleagues Informed

It's quick and easy to create test groups. Setting up a test group to receive all published mailings ensures that everyone on your team will know exactly when each message is published. Bliss...

Add your Advisor!

Having your Advisor in a test group will ensure that they see every mailing that goes out of your account! He or she will be able to stay in the loop that way!