Create a Survey Page

A survey is comprised of a series of pages. Each page has questions on it. Knowing how to manage a survey page is important for your efficiency to create and manage surveys.

Designing The Look

Each survey page can have its own look. While there are benefits to having a consistent look on all pages in your survey, this can be handy when you want to draw special attention to a particular page.

The combination of the Style dropdown and the Body Tag Parameters is how you customize a page.


The style drop down gives you many option for the background and theme you want for your survey. It gives it a more appealing look rather than just a plain white background.

Body Tag Parameters

The survey itself is activated by a web link. This will "launch the survey" into a web browser. You can customize the HTML body tags to adjust the "look" of things. There are some useful examples in the Need Help? link to see the types of HTML code that can be added in the body tag area. These tags customize background color, text, link colors, hyperlinked colors and set page margins. Here are some examples:

Managing Pages

Whether you are creating a brand new survey or are editing an existing survey, you will have to work with pages. The great thing is that it's really easy to do so!

Creating a New Page

Add New Page: Allows you to create a new page.

Creating a Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is the last page in a survey. This is your opportunity to convey your heartfelt thanks to the survey-taker and to let them know what the follow-up will be as a result of them taking this survey.

Thank You Page: Once you create all the pages and adds questions to them, the last step is to click the Thank You Page button and set the last page.

Editing an Existing Page

There are changes that you can make to the page itself, and then there are the questions that go onto the page.

Edit or Remove: Allows you to modify or remove the pages (e.g. changing a page name). Editing or removing questions are done elsewhere on the page.

Add Existing Question: Allows you to select questions from the question bank (and therefore reuse questions between surveys).

Create a New Question: Allows you to create and add a new question to this page.

Click Add Existing Question to use a question from the question bank, or click Create New Question to add a new question to this page.

So Many Opportunities!

With all of these different option, you can create your survey to look and say whatever you want!