Creating a Survey

Surveys are a great way to gather information from your subscribers. It's a quick and easy way to communicate without having to waste time and effort!


Creating a Survey

Navigate to Surveys > Create > Survey. This will launch a three-step wizard.

Define Survey Format

Name: Enter a name for the survey. It is for internal purposes, so only Informz users will see this name.

Display Name: This title appears on the title bar of the browser when someone takes the survey.

Folders: Select a folder for this survey. Surveys default into the Main Folder.

Show Progress Bar?: Check this box if you’d like a progress bar to appear on each page of the survey, which updates as the survey-taker progresses through the survey.

Fonts: Select the fonts to be used for your questions, answers, and instructions in the areas shown above.

The Survey Look window (shown above) allows the survey creator to establish the branding and look of the survey by adding logos, images, content, etc.

Be sure to keep the QUESTIONS HERE code in the editor, and place it where the survey questions should appear within the design.

Now, create the Thank You page using the window shown above. This will be the final page of your
survey and your last chance to provide the takers of your survey with a final thought.

Be sure to provide contact information or a link to your website or social media sites. Once complete, click the Next button.

Add first Page

Create a name for the first page of the survey.

A survey can use just one page, or a user can create several pages to separate questions or to use branch logic. (Branch logic allows asking additional questions based on a response from a previous question—see the “Branch Logic” section for details.)

Once completed, click the Update button.

If a user is editing a survey rather than creating a new one, this step is skipped unless the Go Thru Wizard option is selected.

Add a Thank You Page

Click the Thank You Page button and now select the last page on the list for the Thank You Page to follow. Click the Update button.

Almost There!

Your survey is almost done! Follow the related articles to become a survey pro!