Create a Single Level Bulleted or Numbered List

Having trouble staying organized? No one will ever know, because Informz makes it easy to use bulleted or numbered lists in your mailings so your subscribers will easily understand your message. The masters at Informz always have you covered.

There are two different methods to our madness, either will yield the same results. Take a look for yourself!

Select List Type First

If you know you need an ordered list, you can kick it into gear right from the start. Here's how you do that.

Place the cursor on a new line (paragraph) in your story.

Click the Bulleted List tool or the Numbered List tool.

When the bullet appears, begin typing.

Press ENTER to start a new bullet item in the list.

Select List Type After Entering Text

Type the first list item in your story.

Press ENTER to start a new bullet item.

Repeat until all list items appear.

Highlight all items in the list.

Click the Bulleted List or Numbered List tool to create what you need.

...And, that is it!

You are now ready to wow your subscribers with your newfound list organization skills!