Creating a Confirmation Email with Registrant Information

The Confirmation Mailing is one of the more popular mailings to send when marketing an event. These mailings are more effective when they include personalization about the registrant and the event details.


Hover over the Event and select Create Mailing > Event Confirmation.

To include a registrant's event information, click the Insert Content Code tool.

Select the Event tags you wish to include in this mailing.

Click the dropdown to select the event associated with this mailing.

The event registration content codes are now added to the body of the mailing.

Click Save Changes or Update.

The final step is to schedule the mailing.

Hover over the mailing and navigate to Publish > Schedule/Options.

Select Send and enter the amount of time to wait before the mailings is sent after registration.

Next Navigate to Publish > Send Now.

This step acts like the final activation to be able to send a confirmation 10 minutes after registration (as in this example above.)


Now your confirmation mailing is all set up for the event – once your invitation mailing is sent as people fill out the event registration form they will receive the confirmation mailing with their registration information.