Create a Web Archive

Any mailing you create with a link to an online version can always be added to a web archive. Archives are equally useful for as internal references or as an additional resource for subscribers.


Navigate to Mailings > Options > Web Archives.

A new window opens. Click Add Web Archive.

Complete the fields shown below to save a new web archive.

  • Archive Name - Select a name that represents this "container" well
  • Form Branding - Select an existing form branding to format the display of the web archive page.
  • Sorting Criteria - Archive entries can be sorted by Mailing Name or by Publish Date and in Ascending or Descending order.

Click Update to save the web archive.

At this point the web archive exists, but it's empty. The next step is to populate the web archive with specific mailings.

Add Mailings to a Web Archive

Click on the Mailings icon next to any web archive to begin adding mailings to the web archive.

Click the the Add Mailing to Web Archive button.

Complete the fields shown below to add mailings to a web archive.

  • Display Name: create a reader-friendly name for this particular mailing.
  • Mailing: Select a mailing from the dropdown list of past mailings. Mailings can also be searched by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.
  • Active Status: Pick the Active option from the dropdown menu to make this mailing visible in the web archive.
  • Expiration: Select one of the two options. Selecting Story expires presents options for selecting the expiration date and time.

Click Update to save and close this window.

Managing a Web Archive

After the archive has been created, take advantage of the other functions.

Click Modify to change the display name of the archive or the sorting method.

Additional mailings can be added to an archive at any time by clicking on Mailings and selecting the new ones to be added.

Selecting View will display the web archive page in a new window.

You can also Copy or Delete an archive.

To share the archive with anyone, copy the link in the URL column and send them the link.

Web archives can also be linked to from a mailing.

Historical Tomes

Now that you know how to create a web archive, you can be confident that no one will ever miss another mailing again!