Create an Event

Before you can enjoy your event, you must set it up in Informz. We have provided a series of cohesive steps that help guide you through the process of setting up your event.


Navigate to Events > Create > Event. 

Enter an appropriate descriptive name for the event.

Click the Folder dropdown list and then select a folder.

Enter a maximum number of attendees. If there is no maximum, leave zero.

If applicable, check the  Use Waiting List? option.

Scroll down to the Event-Related Dates section.

Navigate to the Date/Time of Event column and select the date and time information for your event. 

If applicable, set a Last Date to Accept Registrations option.

If using an Early Bird discount, check the box and set the date and time.

If using Late Registration costs, check the box and set the date and time late.

Scroll down to the Cost Information section.

Select the appropriate option from the Money Required dropdown.

Select the appropriate Payment Type for your event.

Enter the Base Cost for your event.

If using an early bird discount, enter the Early Bird Base Cost.

If using a late registration fee, enter a Late Reg. Base Cost.

Finally, scroll down to the the Event Email Notifications section. 

If you wish to be notified about registration for your event, enter an email address to receive notifications.

Check the specific mailing notifications that you would like to receive.

Event Activated?: When you are ready for the event to go live, activate it here. 

Form Branding: This is also where you apply the form branding, or look, of the event from the form branding that’s been set up in your account (this can be found under Subscribers > Forms > Form Branding). 

Multiple Registrants:  If you’d like more than one registrant to be allowed per registration form, it is set here.  

Additional design elements and information are applied in the editor box. INFORMZ CONTENT HERE language cannot be removed and should be placed where ever you’d like the form itself to appear.

The last two sections of the Modify page allow you to customize the messages registrants see at the start of the registration process or after they are registered.  

Once complete scroll to the bottom and click Update.

Building the Event Form 

Now that the event has been created you’ll be brought to the main event page. This is where you’ll see the list of events already created in your folder and are able to edit an existing event.  

To create the form the registrant needs to complete, hover over the icon to the left of your event name and select Event Info > Form Setup.

Add Personal Info: Add personal info fields that have been set up in your account such as first name, last name, company, title, city, etc.

Add Demographic: Add demographic fields that have been set up in your account such as state.

Add Custom Option: This allows you to create a multiple choice question, a free form text input location, checkbox, static text or ask non-subscribers to sign up to receive your mailings.

Once your form is created, see how it will render with your branding. Once again hover over the icon to the left of the Informz name, Event Info > Preview Form. A window opens showing a preview.

Onto The Next Step!

Scroll down the page to continue to modify or customize your event.