Create an Attachment Template

You can attach a PDF to a transactional mailing as the transactional document itself (such as a bill, invoice, or receipt). Informz generates the PDF attachment from two different sources: the attachment template and the data file or SQL view containing the information to be merged into the attachment template.

In this article, let's look at how to create an attachment template. Check out the related articles to learn more about the data files/SQL views.


Navigate to Mailings > Transactional > Templates > Attachment.

All existing attachment templates are listed in the table. To create a new template, click Create Attachment Template.

The Modify Attachment Template page opens.

Here, you'll enter the following information:

  • Attachment Template Name
  • Folder: The destination folder where the template resides.
  • Template: Use the HTML editor to create an attachment template. Note that all codes with the %%TM code (or %%INVOICE for older templates) are replaced with transactional data (click the personalization icon and select Transactional Mailing as the personalization type to find a list of these codes).
  • PDF Properties: Informz automatically creates a PDF that merges all specified transactional data. This section lets you customize parameters of that PDF with elements such as File NamePage OrientationTitle, etc.

Once you've designed your attachment and entered the appropriate information, click Create to create your attachment template.

Personalize the Attachment

You can use personalization data in the filename of the Informz-generated PDF. This let's you create something unique for each recipient! For example, if you want to use the first name and last name personalization fields, you'd create a file name similar to the example below:

November 2016 Invoice for %%TM||first_name%% %%TM||last_name%%

Using this technique, each subscriber would see his or her name in the PDF file.