Create a Transactional Mailing Template

Just like other Informz mailings, the first step when creating a transactional mailing is creating a template. When you create a transactional mailing template, you'll find many of the fields are familiar. You'll enter a template name, folder, friendly from, from address, and reply-to address. However, unlike typical mailing templates, there are no content areas for stories. Rather, the template is exactly what subscribers see when they receive the mailing, and a PDF attachment can be the actual invoice, bill, receipt, or other transactional document.


Navigate to Mailings > Templates > Transactional > Mailing.

Any existing mailing templates are listed under the Mailing Template Name column.

Click Create Mailing Template to create a new transactional mailing template.

The Create Mailing Template page opens.

As above, you'll enter or select the following basic information for your transactional mailing template:

  • Template Name
  • Template Folder
  • Friendly From
  • From Address
  • Reply To Address

Next, use the HTML editor to create your template. As with any template in Informz, you'll have the full editor capabilities at your disposal, including the ability to add HTML Head Tags and Body Tag parameters.

Finally, click Create Text Template to generate a text template for your transactional mailing template.

Click Create to finish. The new template now displays in the Transactional Mailing Template table.

"Just the Template, Ma'am"

As above, remember that the templates for transactional mailings do not contain stories or other content. They are simply the layout and design for what the subscribers see in their inbox. However, don't let that be a barrier! Your organization wants to put its best foot forward, and a keen design is one of the best ways to do this.