Create a Story

When we think of a mailing, we are mostly thinking about the stories that make up that mailing. While there are a lot of important pieces that make up a mailing (e.g. template, story layouts, images, unsubscribe links, etc.), it's the story that lets you share everything!

You can certainly jump right into a mailing and being creating stories, or you might be more comfortable working in Microsoft Word (or a similar program) to develop and craft your message before placing the content into Informz. Whichever way you work, Informz can support your workflow approach.

Alright, enough talk. Let's go tell some stories!


For a new mailing: navigate to Mailings > Create > Mailing.

For an existing mailing: navigate to Mailings > View > In Progress tab > identify a mailing to edit > hover over the menu to the left of the mailing name > click Edit.

Fill out or review the Set- Up tab for the mailing.

Click on the Design tab, and click the Create Story link.

A new window appears with the Informz mailing editor.

Either type of paste the content for your story into editor. Note that clicking Save will save the story and return you to the Design tab.

That's Just The Tip of the Iceberg

Creating a story is only one element of designing your mailing. The Informz HTML editor provides a rich set of tools to create awesome-looking stories. Look at the related articles to learn about story layouts, applying hyperlinks, using images, and inserting tables. And, if you're really HTML-savvy, you can also use the Source Tool (< >) and paste your HTML directly into the story. Because the email channel has specific HTML tolerances, please check with your Advisor to verify that you are using appropriate HTML for your mailing.