Create a Recipient Data File

When Informz merges data into an attachment file, it looks for information loaded from a recipient data file. You'll upload this file as part of the transactional mailing publication process. Note that this upload is separate from the Subscriber Upload data file.

You must have a recipient data file or SQL view available before you send a transactional mailing!

Setting Up a Recipient Data File

The first row of the data file contains any field names used in the attachment template. While the order of the columns does not matter, it is a best practice to place the email address in the first column.

You can set up the recipient data file using various file formats or software (such as the spreadsheet above). However, the transactional module can only accept two different formats:

  • .CSV files
  • tab-delimited .txt files

Similar, Yet Different

As above, the recipient data file upload is separate from the subscriber upload data file. The data you upload into the transactional mailing is only used within the transactional module - it does not reflect specific subscriber records. For example, subscribers who have unsubscribed from standard email communications still receive transactional mailings if they are on the uploaded data file. This is due to the understanding that a transactional mailing is fundamental to maintaining the subscriber's relationship with the organization that's sending the mailing.