Copying Templates

Copying templates is a simple process that gives you the flexibility to create different variations of your original template. This allows you to better tailor your mailings to their content while preserving your style in the process. Copying templates is easy to do, and you will find these copies will become an invaluable addition to your template skill set. Let's learn how to copy a template.


Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View.

Hover over the menu icon next to the template you want to copy. Select Copy from the options.

The Copy Template pop-up opens. Enter a name for the  new template in the provided field.

Click Copy.

The copied template becomes available.

Do Not Touch the Red Button!

A best practice for your templates is to keep a master copy of any templates that you wish to modify. This is a copy that you will not touch! Think of the master copy like a "red button" from an old sci-fi matinee - it will be there for an emergency. Remember, having a master copy available provides a great fallback if you modify your copy into something completely different! By working with copies of the master copy, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your initial hard work will be preserved.