Copying a Sent Mailing to Create a New Mailing

You’ll often send mailings with a familiar design or style that you want to reuse. Copying sent mailings is one way to use this design as the basis for a new mailing. Informz makes it easy to make copies, so let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to take copy a sent mailing to create a new mailing.


Copying the Mailing

Navigate to Mailings > View > Sent tab.

Identify the sent mailing you wish to copy. Hover over the corresponding Menu icon and select Copy.

Note that if you have a Child Account, you can copy the sent mailing to that account by clicking Copy to Child.

You are prompted to rename the new mailing. Enter a new name in the provided field and click Copy to copy the mailing into the In Progress tab.

As a best practice, select No, do not copy the modified text version. You’ll want to adjust any text versions manually (see below). In fact, this is a great safeguard to ensure that you’ve checked (and double checked!) everything in your copy.

After you’ve copied the mailing, it resides in the In Progress tab.

Modifying the Mailing

Copies of sent mailings bring over everything from the original version. This includes subject, target groups, test groups, accounting codes, content, etc. These copies are, essentially, exact clones of the original.

However, some settings need to be reactivated. This mainly applies to social posts – when you copy a mailing, you’ll need to reactivate any social post options in the new version.

This is important - the copying brings over everything. This means that the Design tab content is identical. The underlying HTML code looks exactly the same between the original and the copy!

Text Version

As noted above, it's very important that you are aware of how you create the text version of your stories. If you never edit the text version of the story - allowing Informz to automatically create that as part of the send process - then you have nothing additional to worry about. However, if you do make edits to the text version of a story, then you do have to make sure that you make any necessary changes to the text versions of the stories in the copied mailing.

You can always use the Recreate Text button to pull in the content from the HTML version of the story as the starting point for your edited text version.

Other Notes

Always thoroughly check your copied mailing before you send. Remember, sending without reviewing could mean that you are sending duplicate content or incorrect links.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Many crafty people have come up with adages about the importance of reviewing and double (or triple) checking your work. These same principles apply to your mailings, especially when you’ve copied them from a previously-sent version. Make sure that you review everything thoroughly! You’ll be happy you did!