Copy Mailings to a Child Account

You'll commonly find many of your parent account's templates are perfectly suited for your child accounts. However, you'll also commonly find that that you have specially-targeted content within your child accounts that should be added to your parent mailing. Fortunately, Informz has an easy way to copy mailings from a parent to a child, allowing you to preserve the parent copy while editing the child copy for more focused mailings.

Please note that an authorized user needs the Maintain Child Account permission to perform these functions. To learn more about this permission, click here.


Navigate to Mailings > View to open the Mailings page where you can view all your mailings.

Hover over the Menu icon for the desired mailing and select Copy to Child.

The Copy Mailing to Child Account pop-up window opens. Here, you can rename your template and select the child account destination. Click Copy to finish. You'll receive a confirmation message.

The mailing is now available in the child account. All opt out, unsubscribe, and profile links are updated in the template, but the image files remain in the parent account's asset manager (they cannot be transferred directly). To fix this, you'll need to upload the images into the child account a relink.

Note that, based on your organization's structure, you may want the child account to link directly to the images in the parent account. In this case, you do not need to upload and relink.

Copy, Right?

You heard correctly! Each child mailing is initially a copy of the parent mailing. However, once you dive into the child version, you'll create your own edits independent from the parent copy.