Copy Mailing Templates to a Child Account

You've done it and have created the perfect template! There's only one problem - it lives in your parent account and you need it to also be in your child account. Don't fret! Informz has an easy way to copy your templates from a parent account to a child account. Let's learn how.

Please note that an authorized user needs the Maintain Child Account permission to perform these functions. To learn more about this permission, click here.


Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View to open the Templates page where you view all of your templates.

Hover over the Menu icon for the desired template and select Copy to Child.

The Copy Template to Child Account pop-up window opens. Here, you can rename your template and select the child account destination. Click Copy to finish. You'll receive a confirmation message.

To view the copied template, click the Child tab on the Template page. The copied template appears in the page's list view.

The template is now available in the child account. All opt outunsubscribe, and profile links are updated in the template, but the image files remain in the parent account's asset manager (they are not transferred as part of the copying). However, as long as the images are not moved or deleted in the parent account, they'll continue to function normally in the child account. If you'd like the copied template to be completely independent from the parent account, reinsert any images directly from within the child account.

No Need to Worry!

There was never any reason to worry! Now that you know how to copy your perfected templates into your child accounts, you're ready to get to the fun part: creating mailings!