Convert a Standard Template to an Advanced Template

Imagine you have an amazing Standard template, but need to populate multiple content areas when you create a mailing with it (remember, Standard templates in Informz can only have one content area). The best way to do this is to convert your Standard template to an Advanced Template. This requires some copying and pasting, but once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


There are a few steps that ensure your Standard template converts seamlessly to an Advanced Template.

First, you’ll copy the pertinent Style information from your Standard template and create a Style for your Advanced template.

In the next steps, you’ll ultimately copy and paste HTML code from one template to the other.

Copying Styles

Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View.

Hover over the Menu icon for your Standard template and click Style.

On the Modify Template Styles page, make note of the styles used for the Table of Contents and for Data.

Next, navigate to Mailings > Templates > Styles.

Click Add Style.

Enter a name in the Style Name field.

Scroll to the last two headings and enter the style details you noted above in the corresponding Table of Contents and Data fields. This ensures that the new style contains all the data from the original style.

Click Update

Creating the Advanced Template

Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View and then click Create.

In the Create Template window, click the dropdown list and select Advanced.

At this point, save your template with your desired parameters and return Template list page.

Copy Standard Template HTML

To edit the template you wish to copy, hover over the Menu icon and click HTML.

Click the Source Code icon in the HTML Editor toolbar.

Select and copy (Ctrl + C on the keyboard) the code in the Source Code window.

Paste in the Advanced Template

Return to the Advanced template from above and click the Source Code icon in the HTML Editor toolbar.

Delete any existing text and then paste (Ctrl + V on the keyboard) into the Source Code window.

Click Update.

The template should now appear like the original Standard template.

Click the Content Codes icon to insert any additional content codes.

Click Next to save your content and to generate the Text version of the template. Click Next again.

Finally, click the Style dropdown list and select the style you created above. This applies the style to any relevant content locations.

Your new Advanced template is now an effective copy of your Standard template.

Some Final Advice

If your Standard template didn’t use tables, take the time to make sure that your Advanced template does! This helps your rendering immensely. Additionally, it’s often wise to use two different browser tabs so that you can easily toggle between the Standard and Advanced templates, especially if you are making minute tweaks and adjustments here and there.