Content Manager Overview

Content Manager is an Informz module designed to host additional content (much like a website) through Informz. With Content Manager, you can perform several helpful tasks such as:

  • Creating and saving stories for reuse.
  • Hyperlinking content from your mailings to Informz-hosted content pages.
  • Monitoring reader interest in every story through the Mailing Activity Report.

There are three elements needed to use Content Manager. These are:

  1. Folder(s)
  2. Page Template(s)
  3. Stories

Let's begin!

Create a Content Manager Folder

Navigate to Modules > Content Manager > Folders.

Click Add Content Folder.

Name the folder.

Create a Page Template

Navigate to Modules > Content Manager > Page Templates.

Click Add Page Templates.

Complete the following fields:

  • Page Template Name: Name of the template for organizational purposes.
  • Branding: Select the look you’d like the page template to have.
  • Default Folder: Select the folder you’d like the template to be housed in.
  • Page Title: This will be shown in the title bar of the browser.
  • HTML Head Tags & Body Tag Parameters: This is for design purposes only and is optional.

To create a sidebar or to apply additional layout to the page template, use the Template section.

Do not delete the %%LOC(INFORMZ CONTENT HERE)%% tag; this indicates where the body of the story goes within the template.

Creating a Story

Navigate to Content Manager > Stories > Create.

Select the Summary Layout and Body Layouts to use as a template.

If you do not have story layouts, or do not wish to use one, select Simple.

Click Update.

Complete the following information:

  • Story Name: Name the story. This is for internal purposes.
  • Story Title: Place the title of the story here. If you use a table of contents, subscribers will see the title.
  • Active Status: Set to active to use it.
  • Folder: Select the folder to have it stored in.

Add text or other content to the Summary and Story Body.

  • Summary: A short “blurb” or “teaser” part of the story that can be inserted into any mailing. The summary is optional. If you are going to use the same summary multiple times, build it in the Content Manager so you can easily insert it into multiple mailings.
  • Story Body: The full story that appears on the landing page. The Story Body is what you will link the Read More text to in the mailing.

"Reduce - Reuse - Recycle"

Content Manager parallels the famous adage about recycling in many ways:

  • You reduce the amount of content you deliver directly by making it available via Content Manager.
  • You reuse your stories as necessary, increasing your content generation efficiency.
  • You recycle your stories by using the same Content Manager story with a different page template (i.e. same story/different look!).

Leverage your Content.

Using Content Manager is a great way to amplify your efficiency and to streamline content delivery. By off-loading mailing story content onto a Content Manager page, your overall mailing weight is lower making the mailing subject to less filter scrutiny.