Content Manager - Add a Story Within a Mailing

Adding a from Content Manager to a story in your mailing is easy! As long as you have stories to work with in Content Manager, you'll only need to a follow a few simple steps to reference them in a mailing story. Let's learn how.


Navigate to the Mailing Designer and click a story location.

Click the Content Manager icon.

Click Summary.

The content manager story now appears in the story location.

Next, highlight the anchor text you wish to use to link to the full story, and click the Insert/Edit Hyperlink icon.

Click the Hyperlink Type dropdown list and select Body of a Story.

Enter the following information:

  • Content Manager Folder: Select the folder where the story resides.
  • Content Story: Select the story body to link to.
  • Page Template: Select the template for the Landing Page to use.
  • Name: Name the link as you’d like it to appear on the Mailing Activity Report.

Click Insert Hyperlink.

One Part Summary, One Part Hyperlink

Remember, when using a story from the Content Manager, you'll want to enter both the summary and the story body (as a hyperlink). This gives your subscribers a teaser of what's to come as well as access to the story itself! Now that's a winning recipe!