Content Manager - Create a Story

Like with many things in life, the more time you spend planning, the more success you'll ultimately have. Such is the case with content manager stories. To briefly recap, a content manager page is content hosted in your Informz account, that combines a folder, a page template, and a story. Other terms commonly used for this type of thing is a landing page or microsite.

One of the best features of content manager is the ability to create a summary story and a body story. If you have concerns about oversending to your audiences, you are probably wondering how to send the same number of stories but still make all of the content available? Using a content manager page may just be the secret weapon you've been looking for.

Just create a brief line or two about the content, add a "Read more..." link or button, put all of the content in the body section, link the summary to the body within the content manager page, and then insert the summary story (with the Read more link already created and linked) into a mailing story.


Navigate to Content Manager > Stories > Create.

Select the Summary Layout and Body Layouts to use as a template.

If you do not have story layouts, or do not wish to use one, select Simple.

Click Update.

Complete the following information:

  • Story Name: Name the story. This is for internal purposes.
  • Story Title: Place the title of the story here. If you use a table of contents, subscribers will see the title.
  • Active Status: Set to active to use it.
  • Folder: Select the folder to have it stored in.

Add text or other content to the Summary and Story Body.

  • Summary: A short “blurb” or “teaser” part of the story that can be inserted into any mailing. The summary is optional. If you are going to use the same summary multiple times, build it in the Content Manager so you can easily insert it into multiple mailings.
  • Story Body: The full story that appears on the landing page. The Story Body is what you will link the Read More text to in the mailing.


Once you've created a content manager story, you can reference it in mailings. If the story is strongly associated with one theme and only uses on content manager page template, then you'll have a simple association between that one template and all of the stories. If the story is more general, you may want to enhance its branding by "wrapping it" with different content manager page templates to effectively apply different styling to the same content. This is a very efficient way to get more use out of the same story.