Content Codes

It's great to see you're ready to insert location codes into your template. Get ready to unleash the power!

Content codes are used to assign different types of information in a template. The one content code that every template needs is INFORMZ CONTENT HERE or CONTENT HERE (for iMIS) to display stories. There are also content codes for the date, table of contents, event registration information, ballot information, and ads.

If you are using an advanced template - one that can display stories in discrete sections of the template - the corresponding codes are prefixed with "LOC." The main content code looks like this:


Getting Started

When editing a template, locate the content code icon in the editor. Place your cursor where you want to insert the content code and click on the icon shown below.

Select a Content Code

In the new window, choose the type of content code you want to insert in your template.

The content code selected appears in the template where the cursor was placed.

In a standard template, they look like this:


In an advanced template, they look like this:

  • %%LOC(TOC HERE)%%

Important Notes About Content Codes

  • Advanced templates support the use of multiple content codes while standard templates can only use one content code. If you're unable to add another content code to a template, check the properties to see if it is a standard template.
  • If you are using multiple location codes, do not repeat the same location code name. Doing this causes content to be repeated.
  • When adding a new content code to an advanced template, make sure to recreate the text version of the template. Otherwise, the changes made to the template are reflected in the text version.
  • Content codes are case sensitive. This means that if you enter "%%LOC(PREHEADER)%%" (uppercase) in your HTML template, but enter "%%LOC(preheader)%%" (lowercase) in your text template, the information won't populate in the text template. The templates only work if they have the exact same content code! (note that this is easily caught when testing, so don't forget to test before you send)

Content Codes are King

Once content codes are added to a template, you can create a mailing which uses that template and be on your way to email marketing glory!