Connect Campaign Steps

If you enjoyed connecting the dots in activity books as a kid, this will be right up your alley! Connecting campaign steps is how the flow of a campaign is mapped out.

Each campaign step performs a specific action to ultimately determine which mailing is sent to a subscriber. The Wait step governs when the mailing is triggered. The Decision step checks to see if the subscriber has taken a specific action - or not - and then moved on to the next step. 


Each step of the campaign is dragged and dropped onto the canvas. Connect the steps, you must connect each step from arrow to arrow. Simply click on the arrow from the first step that is pointing to the next step, and drag your mouse over to the arrow of the next step and release.

Decide steps will require you to make more than one connection, so that the campaign flow may continue, no matter how the subscribers interacts with that step.

Deleting a Connector

Despite your best efforts, you might need to delete a connector to change the path. To do that:

  1. Right click on the connector
  2. Select Cut from the menu

Make sure that you reconnect those steps so that the campaign can ultimately be activated and put into use. If there are missing connectors between steps the campaign is viewed as having errors that need to be addressed prior to activation.

Connection Made!

By connecting the campaign steps in a logical way, you'll have developed an effective campaign to engage and motivate your subscribers.