Configuring Higher Logic

To enable your Higher Logic integration, begin by contacting your Advisor, who can provide you with the basic information you'll need to add to your Informz account. Afterward, configuring Higher Logic takes a few simple steps.


First, contact Higher Logic Support ( and let them know that you are using the Informz for Higher Logic integration. They'll provide the following required community information:

  • IAMKey
  • Password

Enter these values into the corresponding fields on the Online Community Integration Setup page.

Next, click the Target Group Folder dropdown list to select a default target group folder for your incoming Higher Logic target groups. To create a new folder, navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups in Informz and click Edit.

When complete, click Save & Sync Subscribers to save your settings and retrieve any existing automation rules. You'll receive a message indicating if the sync was successful.

What If My Save/Sync Fails?

If you click Save & Sync Subscribers and receive an error message, double-check your IAMKey and Password. Most errors arise when these are improperly configured, so make sure you've entered them correctly. If problems persist, contact Higher Logic to verify that you have the correct IAMKey and Password. Finally, if the values are correct, contact your Advisor. He or she is happy to help!