Compound Target Groups

Using a compound target group is an easy way to combine two or more target groups into one, exclude subscribers from a target group, or require subscribers to meet the criteria of multiple target groups in order to better segment your list. A compound target group can also be used to combine target group information from different sources. For example, renewal information from your AMS/CRM, mailing activity from Informz, web tracking from your web site, and even activity from your Higher Logic community can all be combined in a compound target group.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

The Create Target Group pop-up will display. Click the dropdown list and select Compound.

Click Create.

Provide a name for the target group.

Select the folder where the target group will reside.

Select the target groups from the folders you want added to or excluded from the compound (to select more than one group at a time, hold down the control key and click on each target group).

Click Include or Exclude to place the target group in the desired part of the compound.

Once all the target groups have been added, make sure you've select the appropriate options of In all or In one or more. Selecting In all creates a compound of subscribers that are in all of the selected target groups you've selected. Selecting In one or more creates a compound of subscribers that are found in any of the selected target groups.

Click Create Target Group to save the new compound.

Sophisticated Targeting

While the mechanics behind a compound target group are pretty simple, the potential impact on your marketing and outreach is huge. Incorporating a variety of interactions, conversion, and touch points - as represented by membership in a target group - propels your campaigns to be laser focused and optimized using all the data available to you.