Changing Your "From" Address

Changing your "from" address sounds simple, right? Just update your templates and mailings with the new address and you're golden!

Well, not quite. It's easy to forget that "warming" your domain can be equally as important as warming your IP address. 


Below are some recommendations to consider when changing to a new "from" address on your mailings:

  • Make sure the domain in the "from" address is authenticated to send mail through Informz.
  • Inform your subscribers that you are switching to a new address; ask them to add your new email to their safe senders list to ensure uninterrupted delivery (this may be something to add to your pre-header).
  • Consider keeping the same "Friendly From" to maintain consistency throughout the transition. Also, maintaining familiarity with your recipients could help with your deliverability.
  • Once you are ready to send with the new address, it may be a good idea to run a few tests. First, try sending to a few internal contacts to make sure the mail is being received in their inboxes. If so, you may want to send to another small, engaged group to make sure you are getting a good amount of opens. This provides insights about whether or not mail with the new "from" address is still making to the inbox. If you experience issues receiving mail with the new "from" address, check out this article.
  • Once the tests are successful, you can either begin using the new "from" address for everyone, or send in larger groups until all mail is transitioned.

Smooth Sailing Depends on Smooth Transitions!

While you can change your "from" address and send mailings at any time, the seas might get a little choppy! Consider the steps above as ways to make a smooth transition. Once you do, you'll help ensure that your subscribers continue to receive your mailings and content.