Change Branch Logic

There could be many instances where you need to update or change the branch logic in your survey. Use the survey wizard to make a change in this two-step process.

Setting the branch logic is a two-step process and involves two components – the thank you page and the survey question page. Both updates are done from the same page by simply selecting different buttons


Modify Thank You page

Navigate to Modules > Surveys > View.

Select a survey to edit it.

Click the Thank You Page button to modify.

Check the pages that you would like to flow to the Thank You page.

Click Update.

Modify the Survey Question Page

Navigate to the Survey Question Page that contains the question that you want to use to branch on.

Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Click the page to edit the branch logic on the page that contains the question you are branching from.

Select Choose Branch Logic in the Page Branching pop-up window.

Select the answer for the selected question that you want to branch on.

Click Submit to save.

Change It Up

Branch logic is very powerful and can create a very nice survey experience. If you find that your logic is getting somewhat complex, it's always a good idea to document your logic for future reference.