Change a Subscriber Email Address

Did one of your subscribers let you know that his or her email address has changed? Follow these next few steps to make that change in Informz.


Navigate to Subscribers > Search.

The Subscribers page opens. In the Find Subscribers heading, enter the subscriber's current email address in the Value field.

Click Update to search.

Hover over the Menu icon for the desired subscriber and select Modify.

The Subscriber pop-up opens. Click the Edit tab.

Enter the new email address in the Email field.

Click Submit to save your changes.

Do You Have an Integrated Database?

If you're not using an integrated database, then you clicking Submit is all you need! However, if most of your subscribers are located in an integrated database, you'll want to make changes directly in that database (and not in Informz). The syncing process ensures that Informz has the most current email address!