Activating Campaigns

If your campaign has a valid flow, and has been fully tested, you can now Activate the campaign to start adding subscribers. You control how and when your subscribers are added into a campaign with the different Activate options.

Activating a Campaign

When you are in a campaign that is still In Progress, navigate to the Activate tab to make your campaign "live.".

For the options of Add Subscribers Over Time, Add Subscribers at Once, and Add Subscribers Once and Over Time, you must select the target group that you would like to pull subscribers from to add into the campaign.  You also must select the date that you want the subscribers to be added on, and you must select the date that you want it to stop adding subscribers into the campaign.

Activation Options Explained

Add Subscribers Over Time –  Choose this option to continuously pull in subscribers into the campaign. This option does not add anyone already in the target group associated with the campaign.  Only add new subscribers are added into the campaign from that Target group, from the start date that you selected until the end date that was selected.  This option are most useful for dynamic target groups from an integrated database or with action based target groups.

Add Subscribers at Once – This is an appropriate option for an event with a fixed list of invitees. It's also appropriate for mailings supporting something occuring very soon where there may not be an opportunity for a longer term campaign. Once the target group has been selected, all of the subscribers in that target group will be immediately added on the start date that was selected for the campaign.  New subscribers that are added to the target group after the start date of the campaign will not be added to the campaign.

Add Subscribers Once and Over Time -  This adds existing members of the activation target group to into the campaign immediately on the start date of the campaign, and it will also add new subscribers into the campaign as they are added to the target group going forward.

Branch from Another Campaign – This allows you to drop subscribers from a different campaign into this campaign. You would use the Send Campaign campaign step in the calling campaign.

Once you activate the campaign, Informz will do the rest!  Your subscribers will mow automatically be added to the campaigns in the manner of your choosing!

Set It and Forget It

Once your campaign has been activated, you can just book that vacation you so desperately needed, kick your feet up, and order a drink served in a coconut with a little umbrella, because your work is done!  Informz is now automatically adding the appropriate subscribers to the campaign and making sure they go through each step of the campaign accordingly.  All you have to do is check in on the reporting from time to time. You can do that from the beach, right?