The Campaigns View

The Campaigns View is where you create and store all of your campaigns.  In this view you can also keep your campaigns organized in different folders.  The view itself is organized by tabs.

To view any of your existing campaigns, navigate to Marketing Automation > Campaigns > View and from here, we can see basic detail about the campaigns.  We can even see from here is if the campaign has a valid flow, meaning that the campaign does not have any errors that would prevent a subscriber from going through the campaign successfully.

The Tabs

In Progress: The In Progress Tab displays campaigns that are still being developed, and have not yet been activated.

For any campaigns that are not currently being tested, you have the options to edit the campaign, make a copy of the campaign, delete the campaign, or to take it out of an active status, or save it for future use by archiving the campaign.

Active: The Active tab displays campaigns that currently have subscribers flowing through them.  When you hover over the icon to the left of the name of the campaign, you have the option to jump into the reporting to see how the campaign is currently performing, add someone to go through the campaign as a tester, deactivate the campaign to stop adding any new subscribers, or to stop putting any subscribers through any of the campaign steps. You can also create a duplicate copy of the campaign or archive the campaign for future use, thus taking it out of an active status.

Archive: The Archive tab displays archived (inactive) campaigns.  If you hover over the icon to the left of the name of the campaign, you can jump into the reporting for the campaign to see how it performed, you can create a copy of the campaign, or move the campaign back into an “In Progress” status, which will move it back over to the In Progress tab.


You can create your own custom folders to keep your campaigns organized by clicking Edit in the upper right corner of the screen.  In the pop up window click on New Folder, name the new folder, and then click Save.

A Place For Every Campaign, & Every Campaign in its Place.

At the risk of sounding ike your mother, remember that you campaigns will be much easier to work with if you keep them organized in a neat and tidy manner.  Utilize the custom folder to build a system to keep you organized.  The Campaigns view will help you  easily access to all of the details about your campaigns as well as display key info at a glance..