Campaign Designer Overview

Campaigns are a great way to map out a sequence of mailings for your subscribers. In a way, you’re the ultimate email “air traffic controller” for your organization's message! In addition to the benefits you get in the planning process, you also create a more interactive experience for your subscriber. 

You need to build in your campaign steps to direct the flow of emails and keep your subscribers moving seamlessly through the campaign.

The Campaign Designer

When you navigate to Marketing Automation > Campaigns > Create you will be taken to the area of your account where you being the campaign creation process.  The grid-lined area is called the Canvas, and on the left-hand side displays the Steps for the campaign. To build a campaign, simply drag and drop each step of the campaign onto the canvas.

Leverage the Wait step and the Decision step to create a dynamic and responsive campaign that meets your needs, as a marketing, and gives a good experience for your subscriber.

Differences From Mailings

Most clients come to Campaign Designer after having sent many, many "one-off" mailings from Informz or other email marketing programs. There are a few key differences in the campaign mindset:

  • There is a little more planning to create a campaign - but that's a good thing!
  • Once a campaign is activated, it does not require any direct support by a staff person
  • The need to have a send date is greatly diminished. Recipients in the campaign receive the next mailing based on the flow of the campaign. It's intentionally variable in order to best respond to the subscriber's interaction patterns.
  • While opens, clicks, and forwards are still important metrics, the most important metric is the conversion that this campaign is driving. Whether it's registering, volunteering, purchasing, or participating - THAT'S what you ultimately want to measure and that's what will determine your overall effectiveness.

The combination of making your team more efficient and providing a more subscriber-centric experience make campaign designer an extremely powerful markeitng tool for you and your organization.

To Infinity And Beyond!

A campaign mindset will propel you and your organization into the 21st century of marketing practices. Embrace this tool and you and your organization will benefit greatly.