Bookmarks allow readers to navigate or "jump" from one part of a mailing to another with the click of a button. And although electronic bookmarks may be less glamorous than their tasseled counterparts in the print world, they are nevertheless a useful part of your design toolkit.


You can add bookmarks in both Template Designer 2 (TD2) and Mailing Designer 2 (MD2).

Template Designer 2

Open a template in TD2 and click on one of your Mailing Content Areas (MCAs).

In the Properties panel, name your MCA.

The MCA name becomes the bookmark name (if you do not provide a name, Informz does not add a default name).

When you add a hyperlink, click the Hyperlink dropdown list and select Bookmark.

Click the Bookmark dropdown list to select your desired bookmark (only MCAs with names appear in this list). If there are no named MCAs in your template, you’ll receive the following error message: “There are no bookmarks available. To add a bookmark, fill in the name property of any Mailing Content Area.”

Note that any MCAs named in TD2 also appear in MD2 with the same name.

Click Insert Hyperlink to finish.

Mailing Designer 2

Open a mailing in MD2. Then, click Add Story.

After adding a story, you can name it in the Properties panel. Informz adds a corresponding bookmark for that story.

As above, when you add a hyperlink, there is an option for bookmarks. Click the Bookmark dropdown list to select your desired bookmark (only stories with names appear in this list).

Click Insert Hyperlink to finish.

How Do Bookmarks Work in Mailings?

When readers click a bookmark hyperlink, the mailing automatically navigates the reader to the corresponding story! For example, the mailing below uses a sidebar with bookmark hyperlinks.

"Dog Ear" Your Mailings!

Bookmarks ultimately make it easy for your readers to find exactly what they need. And best of all, you won't need to fold any paper to put TD/MD 2 bookmarks to use!