Order an Email Block

In order to send mailings from Informz, you have to have an active email block. This is your prepaid credits you use to send mailings with. Think of it as the gasoline for your email marketing engine!

The ability to manage your account's email block is a special permission in Informz. If you do not have this permission, you will not see any of the menu options referenced below. Even if you can't place the order yourself, this article may be helpful to guide your account administrator to the right place to order a block.

How Many Emails Do I Have?

The status of current email blocks can be found on your account dashboard in the Prepaid Blocks section. The original quantity of emails is displayed along with the date of purchase, the expiration date of the email block and the amount of remaining emails in the account.

If your email block has expired (Yikes!), a notification displays in the Prepaid Blocks panel.

Likewise, when an email block is in jeopardy of depleting, you'll receive a message.


There are three ways to order a new email block:

Use the Order Block button on the account dashboard

As shown in the image above, this is easy because it appears right on the home page in the prepaid blocks section.

Use the Order Email Block Option

The ability to reorder a block is available anytime from the menu. Navigate to Admin > Ordering > Order Email Block to start the process. You don't have to wait until your block is precariously low or expired. If you want to get a jump on keeping your email block replenished, use this option.

Talk To Your Advisor

When all else fails, reach out to your Advisor for guidance on placing your email block purchase order. They are always happy to help.

How Much Should I Order?

When placing an email block order, you will be redirected to the block order page. Here you will see previous block purchases along with a menu of block purchase options. Click the radio button corresponding to your email block choice and then click Next >> at the bottom of the screen.

Confirming Your Order

After using the next button from the block listing page, you will receive a final confirmation prompt. Clicking the Place Order >> button submits the order. An order cannot be canceled from the user interface one placed.

Once the order is placed, an electronic invoice will be sent to the person designated to receive Billing Information. Navigate to Admin > Ordering > Billing Information to see the person in your organization that receives these notifications.

Email blocks can be used for up to one year from the time of purchase.

Your Advisor Is There To Help

There are some situations where having your Advisor lend a hand makes sense. Here are some areas that your Advisor can help:

  • Arranging payment via International Wire Transfer
  • Calculating email block size
  • Considering options for distributing blocks between the parent account and child accounts