Best Practices for Story Layouts

Story Layouts are mini templates that you use specifically to format a story in a mailing. Story Layouts are the best way to save time, alleviate rendering issues, and ensure consistency.

There are several best practices to follow when working with Story Layouts:

  • Use tables consistently. The headline text, body text, image and any other pieces should be in their own cell.
  • Apply the styling to the table cell as opposed to applying it directly to the text.
  • Use CSS to apply styles to your text content.
  • When creating story layouts, use a Lorem Ipsum generator to create placeholder text.
  • When inserting an image into the story layout, apply five pixels of padding around image so that the text does not get run into the image (you don't want your text "smashing" into your images!). If you are using a placeholder image, you'll still want to apply the padding so that it's in place when you place your permanent image in the story layout.

Consistency is Critical

While contrast can be a powerful design tool, making sure that your content is aligned properly and formatted consistently often proves to hit the professional bullseye. Story Layouts are the best way to achieve amazing formatting results. Once you have a firm understanding of their power, you'll be flexing your design muscles in no time!