Benchmarks in Informz are a way to measure your metrics and compare your goals and successes with your industry peers. These benchmarks can give you a sense of where you stand within your industry. Let’s look at how to set benchmark information and what you can do with these data!

How Do I Set My Unique Benchmark?

In Informz, benchmarks are set with your Classification.

Navigate to Admin > System Settings.

Click the Classification dropdown list. Informz provides many different classifications. Select the one that best suits your industry. This is critical to ensuring that your metrics are tracked properly.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your changes.

Now, whenever referring to benchmarks (such as in the Mailing Summary Report), Informz compares your metrics to your industry’s metrics.

For example, whenever you see a White Dashed Line in a report, you’ll see your industry benchmark –  where your industry typically performs for a specific aspect of your mailings.

In the report, if you see a Notepad icon, you’ll know that your metrics do not meet or exceed the industry standard.

Click Benchmarking Details to see your industry benchmarks.


You’ll often use benchmarks in strategic ways, such as goal-setting, measuring your effectiveness, or comparing your mailing frequency and volume. Ultimately, benchmarks let you see your metrics in a whole new light. They may even offer reassurance by letting you know that you are performing well!

When you want to improve something with benchmarks, talk to your Advisor about different techniques you can use. For example, you may be able to target a specific metric to meet or exceed a particularly important benchmark.