Benchmarking Overview.

How strong are your mailings? How do they perform when compared to other similar organizations? Benchmarking is a way to compare your mailing activity results and to see if you are performing according to your industry’s standard. Furthermore, it’s a great way for you to identify areas where you need to improve. While it's a good idea to compare your reporting results to your previous mailings, benchmarking allows you to make sure that you are not falling behind your industry peers! Let's look at how to identify your benchmarks.

Before You Begin...

Before you see your industry benchmarks, you first need to tell Informz your industry classification. Remember, this tells Informz which industry you belong to so that we can apply the appropriate benchmarking to your account.

Navigate to Admin > System Settings

Set the classification for your account.

Viewing Your Benchmarking Goals

Navigate to Mailings > Reporting > Mailing Summary Report.

Click the View Reports tab to see bar graphs representing the performance of your Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate.

The white dotted line on each graph represents your benchmarking. This tells you the average performance rate of each statistic for your industry.

You can also view benchmarking for individual mailings by navigating to Mailings > View and then clicking the Sent tab. Click on the name of the desired mailing to view the Snapshot tab of the full reporting details. This will show the benchmarking for this individual mailing.

How Much Can You Bench?

So...are your mailings strong enough? You won’t know until you really dive into your benchmarking to see if you are performing at your industry’s standard. You can take all of the great reporting data from Informz and really pump up the performance of your mailings when you have accurate benchmarking goals to shoot for!