AutoFTP lets users manually upload files that contain lists of subscribers. These are in turn processed by Informz as a Subscriber upload. The files must match an existing data formats in your Informz account before they are uploaded through the AutoFTP website.

The AutoFTP site allows users to drag and drop files or to browse and upload. Informz checks for new files to process every few minutes.

Talk to your Advisor to get more information and access to AutoFTP. Your Advisor will send you the AutoFTP URL as well as your initial username and password for the AutoFTP website.


There are two prerequisites that must be in place before you use AutoFTP:

  1. You must create the required personal info and demographic fields that you will use in your upload’s data format.
  2. You must have a data format in Informz that will match the incoming data from the AutoFTP process.

Talk to Your Advisor

AutoFTP is a great way to bring new files into Informz, and only requires a small bit of setup and training. Talk to your Advisor to learn more about this great data movement feature!