Attach Media to Your Posts (Overview)

Adding an eye-catching image or video to your social posts is a way to engage your users on a whole different level. Let's look at how to add these different media when composing a new post in Socializer.


You’ll begin by composing a social post in the New Message window. Once you’re ready, click Attach.

The Add Media dialogue opens. Here, select from several different media options (each covered in a subsection below).

Upload File

With this option, you’ll select a file to upload to your social post. Simply drag and drop the image onto the provided field or click Browse for Files to open an explorer window where you can locate and upload a file.

From URL

This option lets you find images from a specific URL. Enter the URL and click Fetch Images to retrieve all images from that site. Note that you must use a valid URL.

Once you’ve identified the image you’d like to use, click Attach to add it to your post.

Media Library

Informz’s Socializer maintains a record of all the images that you’ve attached to your posts. This makes it easy to reuse images in future posts! The Media Library is built from previous attachments, and you can filter by user to refine your results.


Use this option to retrieve images from a cloud account (Dropbox or Google Drive).


Socializer integrates with Canva, which provides a full design suite to create a range of design assets, such as Facebook cover photos. Canva is optimized to create images for social media, too, ensuring you the best quality images for your chosen social media platform.


Using this option, you can directly search the internet for the exact image you need. Socializer integrates with Google and Flickr to easily find what you’re looking for.


Using this option, you can directly search YouTube for videos to add to your social post.

Infinite Possibilities

With Socializer, your attachment possibilities are almost limitless. Whether you’re attaching an image or a video, Informz has you covered. And, by integrating with all the key platforms you’ll need, you’ll find it easy to get your job done and accomplish your social media goals.