Attach Media from Files and URLs

Images are easy to attach when they are simply pulled from your computer or from a link! And, with this ease, you'll work quickly and more efficiently. You can even use drag and drop! Let's learn how.


Click Compose and then click Attach.

Uploading Files

Click the Upload File tab to add images from your computer.

Drag and drop the images into the area specified. Alternatively, click Browse Files to find and select the files from your computer. Locate the image, click it, and then click Open.

Inserting From a URL

Click the From URL tab to attach an image from an URL.

Enter a URL to retrieve all images from that website. You may also provide a specific image URL if you know the exact URL for the image.

Click Attach (directly below the image) to add the desired image to your post.

A Story Without Words!

A picture can tell a story all by itself. Grab the attention of your followers by including images in your messages. They’ll be fully engaged and remember your content more easily than if they simply read about it!