Attach an Advertisement to a Quick Mailing

After you've created your advertisements, the next step is to attach an advertisement to a mailing. This allows your subscribers to see the advertisement and engage with it. Although you perform this action on a mailing, remember that what's going on behind the scenes is that the advertisement is being placed in the ad location in the template associated with this mailing.


Navigate to Mailings > View.

Hover over the Menu icon for your desired mailing and select Attach Ads.

Click Attach Ad to Mailing.

Select the desired ad.

Select the (template) location.

Click Update.

You'll be returned to the Attach Advertisement page displaying all advertisements for this mailing. Use the Modify and Delete buttons to make changes to any previously attached advertisements.


If you don't see the Attach Ads menu option on the mailing hover menu there are a few things to check.

If your mailing is using a standard template you won't see this prompt because ads only work with advanced templates.

If your mailing is using an advanced template, but there aren't any ad locations in the template, this option won't appear on the hover menu.

It's also worth noting that you can only have one advertisement per ad location. If you are using many advertisements in your mailings, you'll have to review your template design to ensure that you can appropriately accommodate all of the ad locations needed.

Advertisements are Powerful!

Creating an advertisement strategy for your email marketing campaigns is a great thing to do. In addition to the positive revenue ramifications behind advertisements, it's also a way to extend your organization's universe by engaging with key and trusted partners operating in your space.