Association Anywhere Target Groups

The heart of any integration is the ability for Informz to gather data that contain email addresses from another system. The data are synced between Informz and Association Anywhere so that the right information is where it needs to be.

The primary vehicle for making data in Association Anywhere visible to Informz are Distribution Lists.

Distribution Lists

Association Anywhere users create distribution lists of email recipients using Association Anywhere tools.

Informz requests email recipients from a distribution list in Association Anywhere. Each time these recipients are requested, Association Anywhere reruns the query, ensuring that Informz has the most current list.

Distribution lists must be set as public, and then categorized with External System/Informz as the category/subcategory, for Informz to access that distribution list.

A distribution list query will not add any customers without an email address or any customers who are opted out in Association Anywhere.

Distribution lists cannot be deleted. Click Delete simply shows the list as expired (the end date set as the current date) and makes the list inactive. These deactivated lists are deleted in Informz, so only active lists are shown as target groups in Informz.

Distribution lists that have been used in previous mailings have inherent historical data, and any attempt to delete those lists could result in referential constraint violations. This is why Association Anywhere only allows a list to be made inactive/expired as opposed to being deleted.

The distribution list uses the global preferred email address by default. If the customer has a preferred email address for a specific category/subcategory combination, that email address is presented to Informz.

Distribution lists can be created to only include individuals who want to receive emails for category/subcategory Chapter Updates/Chapter Events.

Clients who are not comfortable with creating SQL for a distribution list can contact ACGI’s support team for assistance in creating the SQL.


Newly created distribution lists coming into Informz as target groups are initially placed in the Association Anywhere folder in Informz. These can later be moved to different folders based on a user's preferences.

Target (Group) in Sight!

Once you have a set of target groups in Informz, you'll find that sending your mailings to the right subscribers is easy and efficient. Take advantage of the different target groups at your disposal and create as many as you need! Remember, precision mailings are one of your most valuable tools, and target groups make these possible.