Association Anywhere Send Mailing

Selecting a target group is how to connect a particular list of subscribers to a mailing or mailing story. This is where you leverage the power of the distribution list data coming from Association Anywhere and then synced with Informz.


Navigate to Mailings > View > In Progress and either select or create a mailing.

Click the To  field in the envelope section of the Set-Up tab.

Select Select the Target Group for the entire mailing.

Click the Folder dropdown list and select the location of the target group. Usually this will be the Association Anywhere folder, but these can come from any folder you've created in Informz.

Click the Target dropdown list and select the target group itself.

Click Update to complete the selection.

Upon returning to the Set-Up tab, you will see the target group you selected in the To field.

Story-Level Targeting

If you are planning to target individual stories within a mailing to specific segments, use the Specify the Target Group for each Story option in the dialogue above. You'll perform the same select process for the target group but you'll do it within the story itself.

Effective Targeting

Creating Distribution Lists with well defined criteria and easily understood names will prepare your eMarketing team with the tools they need to be successful. Getting the right content to the right people doesn't take that much more work compared to blasting away (shudder to think) at your subscribers. The better the list, the better the results.