Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is the Informz tool that lets you upload your own images and documents that you'll add to your mailings. In fact, you can not only add images, but you can manage and edit them as well. Essentially, the Asset Manager can become your "Informz library." Let's take a look at some of the basics.

Accessing the Asset Manager

Opening Directly

To open the Asset Manager directly, navigate to Mailing Designer 2 > Asset Manager.

The Asset Manager page opens and automatically loads the Asset Manager window.

Opening from TD/MD 2

In either TD2 or MD2, you'll generally access the Asset Manager when you add a layout or story with an Image.

Select the image to open the Properties panel.

Click Choose Another Image to open the Asset Manager in the designer.

Here, you can select an image for your template or mailing or you can click Upload a New File to upload a new one.

Because you can link directly to files from a template or mailing, you can also access the Asset Manager by adding a Document Hyperlink.

In the Rich Text Editor, click Insert/Edit Hyperlink.

The Hyperlink window opens. Click the dropdown list and select Document.

Click Select Document to open the Asset Manager.

Searching the Asset Manager

You can search the Asset Manger directly in TD/MD 2 to locate specific files.

Enter a search term in the field and click Search. Any results with that name display in the Asset Manager window.

If no files are found, you'll see the following message:

Other Details

The following properties apply to Asset Manager files:

  • When gallery images/folders load, they’ll display their name on one line. If the name is longer than the space provided, the UI cuts the filename off. Simply hover over a gallery image/folder to display a tooltip with the full filename.
  • Image dimensions display below each image.
  • The Edit Image icon (“pencil icon”) displays when hovering over an image.

Please note that any documents in the Asset Manager do not display dimensions.

Your Own (Digital) Great Library

Okay, so while you're probably not going to excavate the ruins of the Great Library of Alexandria to add images and documents to your mailings (although it would be pretty incredible to find some ancient papyrus scrolls), you'll nevertheless be able to manage every picture you need in your mailings in one place. While you should always have an organizational scheme within your Asset Manager, you can still search directly for any file you've uploaded, making it easier to find them than ever before.