Asset Manager Folders and Organization

American President Thomas Jefferson famously joked that his organizational style was deliberately disorderly. And, while there are certainly some merits to a “helter-skelter” scheme from time to time, you’ll probably find that keeping things well-organized in Informz’s Asset Manager is more beneficial than not!

As a best practice, Asset Manager users should develop a folder structure to arrange different files in Informz. This not only keeps your files organized and easy-to-find, but also increases your efficiency! Common structures include assigning folders to individual users or specific mailing types.

Note that if you keep all files in the same location (e.g. the main asset folder), you may find that your Asset Manager load times increase. This ultimately makes it difficult to insert images, etc.

Let’s look at how to create folders in the Asset Manager.


Navigate to Mailings > Asset Manager to open the Asset Manager window.

Click Create and select Folder to create a new folder.

Enter a name for your folder.

Click Create.

The new folder becomes available in the Asset Manager.

Moving Files into a Folder

The best way to move files is to copy and paste the files into the new folder.

Please note that when you move an image, the URL path for that image changes. You need to be mindful of this! Click here to learn more about Broken Asset Manager Links and how to repair them!

Select the file you would like to move and click Manage.

Click Cut (alternatively, press Ctrl + X on your keyboard).

Navigate to the destination folder.

Once in the destination folder, click Paste (alternatively, press Ctrl + V on your keyboard). The image now moves from the old location to the new location.

Stay Organized!

Remember, by staying organized you save valuable time and get to spend more time creating mailings to engage your subscribers. A little bit of planning goes a long way!