Aptify Troubleshooting

The following information can help you fix some common problems with Aptify.

How To Test the Connection

Testing a connection ensures that the connection is setup and is working properly. The Check Connection page displays a brief diagnostic of your connectivity status.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click Check Connection.

Down Connection

Check the connection between Informz and Aptify in order to insure it is set up and working properly. Any issues with this page require support from the Informz Software Operations team, which an Advisor can facilitate. See the Aptify Connection article for instructions on checking the connection. An email is sent to your Advisor if your integration is down.


Duplicate Campaign Prospect List names in Aptify are not allowed.

How To Repair a Broken Bridge

Sometimes bridges are purposely broken for testing. To repair this bridge:

Navigate to Admin > System Settings.

Scroll to the Integration Settings heading and click on Edit Integration Settings.

Change the Web Service URL Address and/or Password to the correct values.

Click Submit.

Mailing Names

Aptify has a 50-character limit on the length of a mailing name. If the mailing name exceeds 50 characters, it is truncated to 50 characters.

Problem Solved!

As always, if you cannot solve a problem on your own, reach out to your Advisor! He or she will be happy to help.