Aptify Target Groups - Run the Campaign List Builder (Step 4)

The campaign list builder wizard creates/updates prospect lists based on the view associated with the campaign segment. The prospect list itself is created/updated automatically when the scheduled task runs. Consequently, you do not need to run the campaign list builder wizard manually, but doing so populates the prospect list immediately (rather than waiting for the scheduled task to run!).


Click Campaign Management on the left sidebar in Aptify to expand the menu.

Click Campaigns.

Click All.

Click the More dropdown list and select Campaign List Builder.

The Campaign List Builder window opens.

Enter the Campaign name and click the dropdown list to select a desired Default Status.

Click Finish to run the wizard. The process will ultimately populate the campaign’s subscriber list based on the view associated to the campaign segment.

Aptify opens a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes to repeat the process or No to finish.

There You Have It!

Once you’ve followed all the steps to create a view, campaign, and segment, and once you have aligned them into one working unit, you’ll begin to see target groups in Informz based on your campaign lists!